Today's Creativity Wisdom

Awaken Your Creativity

In Praise of the Creative Spirit
with Peter Clothier

Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play
Tranquilista with Kimberly Wilson

Improvisation: Twists & Turns; Rubbing; Mushrooms & Tide Pools
The Art of Is with Stephen Nachmanovitch

Spirited Woman Q & A
with Nancy Mills

Invoking the 9 Greek Muses
with Molly Anderson-Childers

Standing at Water's Edge
with Anne Paris, PhD

Write What You See
with Hank Kellner

CreativiTea for Creative Brains!
with Chris Dunmire

Reflect & Write
with Hank Kellner

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ Features
with Jill Badonsky, MEd

The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman
with Danielle Dulsky

Body Blissmass: Creativity & Wellness
with Jill Badonsky, MEd

Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilities
with Robert Alan Black, PhD

The New Wisdom of Doodling
with Chris Dunmire

Visual Journaling Prompts & Altered Art
with Violette

Guide to Publishers, Editors & Agents
with Jeff and Deborah Herman

Writing from the Deeper Self
with Naomi Rose

Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock
with Marney Makridakis

Repudiating the Damaging Admission that You're Not Creative
with Kate Quinlan

Making Space
Heeding the Call
Nurturing the Artist Within
PERSIST: The Big Lie
Peter Clothier MIND WORK Interview
Today Is Thine: Tempus Fugit
Not Just a Number
Enlightened Work & Mindful Play
Your Life Is Art
6 Ways to Evoke Creativity
Modes of Creativity
Stephen Nachmanovitch: The Art of Is
Improvisation: Rubbing
Improvisation: Mushrooms & Tide Pools
Improvisation: Twists and Turns
Wine Maker Lane Tanner
Actress and Producer Sybil Temtchine
Mediabistro's Laurel Touby
'The Girl Blue Project' Marlow Wyatt
Artist and Activist Ellen Spencer
Sally Shore, Storyteller & Spoken Word Artist
Cathy Salser: A Window Between Worlds
Astrology Zone's Susan Miller
Swirly Girl Creator Christine Mason Miller
Mystery Writer Rochelle Krich
Jewelry Designer Katy Leakey
Swirly Girl Creator Christine Mason Miller
Jet Set Modeling Cindy Kauanui
Mystery Writer Rochelle Krich
World Traveler Marie Javins
Radio Host Frances Halpern
Creative Sage's Cathryn Hrudicka
Author & Actress Fannie Flagg
Writer Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
Social Entrepreneur Crystal Allene Cook
Frou Frou Flip Flops Kidpreneur Alice
Lotus Blossom Style Clothier Tabby Biddle
Actress, Comedienne, Storyteller Roz Browne
Humor Inspires Writing
Metaphors Inspire Writing
Interview with Artist Angela Cartwright
Rap as Poetry
Crossing Bridges
Where You're From
Nature's Forms in Poetry and Prose
The Power of the Visual
Isolation and Education
Black & White Images Stimulate Creativity
Why Do People Respond to Graphic Images?
Graphic Images Surround Us
Find Inspiration in Claude Monet
Historic Buildings in Community Theater
Writing Prompts: Bird Cage Theatre
Community Theater
Joke Word Search Puzzles
Shifting Perspectives
Combining Photos with Poems
Photo Essays Tell Stories
Connect Seeing with Writing
Photos Trigger Words
Photos as Writing Prompts
Shifting Perspectives
Contrast in Writing Subjects
Combining Photos with Poems
Using Photography to Inspire Writing
Less is More
Every Photograph Tells a Story
Shakti Gawain Interview
Becoming a Creative Channel
Trusting Intuition
Transforming Our World
11 Tips for Surviving a Day Job
Why Talent Isn't Nearly Enough
The Creative Power of Writing
How to Get Your Day Job to Leave YOU
Define Creativity — I Dare You
Are You Highly Creative?
Conventional vs. Creative Intelligence
Creatives: Transform or Perish
F-R-E-E-Writing Tutorial
Note to Beginner Writers
7 Stages of The Creative Process
8 Habits of the Creatively Intelligent
Innovative Wire Sculpture Workshop
Tips for Artists Working at Home
Create Unconventional Art
Paralyzed by Perfectionism
Why Aren't I More Disciplined?
For Highly-Sensitive Creatives
The Four Steps of Creativity

Slow Looking

Series Spotlight

Slow Looking with Peter Clothier

Slow Looking: The Art of Looking At Art is based on the “One Hour/One Painting” sessions Peter began offering a number of years ago to practice a more profound and rewarding way of looking at art. Combining the skills of meditation and contemplation, it invites participants to sit with a single work of art for a full hour; and by extension it models the way in which the mind benefits from the simple practice of paying close attention — whether in art or, more broadly, in life itself. Explore The Art of Looking At Art, take part in an Eyes Open Meditation, and contemplate the dimensional space afforded through Silence.

Author Spotlight

In Praise of the Creative Spirit with Peter Clothier

PersistPeter Clothier is a long time observer of the contemporary art world, and a widely published writer. His publications include fiction, poetry, and a memoir, as well as David Hockney (a monograph), and a collection of political essays, The Bush Diaries. His books include Persist: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce, Mind Work: Shedding Delusions on the Path to the Creative Core, and Slow Looking: The Art of Looking at Art.

Making Space | Heeding the Call | Nurturing the Artist Within | The Big Lie (Self-Sabotage) | 'Mind Work' Interview | Today Is Thine: Tempus Fugit | Not Just a Number | The Art of Looking At Art | 'Slow Looking' Meditation | 'Slow Looking' Silence

The Art of Is

Improvisation: Rubbing

By Stephen Nachmanovitch

Art of Is: Improvising as a Way of LifeThe violin is a sculpted form crafted by a woodworker's hand to complement, be the partner of, a musician's hand. At the same time, that form is made to complement other patterns, the waveforms that arise when you pluck or bow a stretched string. I rub my fingers up and down one string of the violin. I easily feel small distances and angles — the difference between the part of my fingertip on the string and the part on the fingerboard. I learn things by rubbing that I wouldn't learn otherwise. The sound of a stringed instrument is the rubbing of the strings by the bow hairs, moving at an angle to each other, pushing and pulling on a thin wooden bridge, which vibrates the belly and back of the instrument, pushing and pulling on the surrounding air. Violin playing is made of simple, elemental touch-actions. Playing music, on any instrument, is an art of feeling — you feel an object with your fingers and with all the muscles up and down your body.

Books & Printables

Trickster Word Search Puzzles

By Chris Dunmire, Unpuzzler

Fake fun joke puzzlesGreat for April Fool's or any day pranking! Teachers and Parents: Enjoy pulling off a creatively delightful (and harmless!) joke at home or in the classroom. What looks like an ordinary activity soon turns into an unforgettable experience is expecation vs. reality. These six reprintable eye-catching impossible-to-solve word-find puzzles have stumped even the smartest of students and puzzle enthusisasts (because the words are really hidden good so they can't be found!) and have delighted teachers, parents, and pranksters worldwide since 2005.

Writing from the Deeper Self

Learning and Playing by Heart

By Naomi Rose

Writing from the Deeper SelfI'm sitting at the piano, my hands on the keys, feeling the music pour out from this relationship. No matter how disconnected or dulled I may feel before I sit down on the wooden piano bench, as soon as my hands touch the keys ~ even before I press down and hear sound coming back ~ something in me relaxes. I am home. It is not always like this with writing, for me. But with piano, the very tactility of the touch ~ the smooth white keys under the pads of my fingertips ~ releases some kind of endorphin response. My body relaxes, my heart recognizes that, "Ah, now I will be able to express in my own true mode," and I feel befriended by the piano itself, and the realization of what will take place between us, even if I have no preconceived idea of what I will play. It is the touch that brings the music forth.

Fostering Creativity

How to Help Children Stay Creative

By Abby Connors

Fostering CreativityPicasso famously stated, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Anyone who lives or works with young children knows they truly are artists, buzzing with creativity, filled with wonder, curiosity, and fresh new ideas. Every child is creative, but too many children lose some or most of their creativity as they grow to adulthood.

Inspiring Creativity

How We Convince Ourselves Not to Create

By Dave Storer

Inspiring CreativityYour identity — who you are and what you do — resides inside you; it doesn't come from anyone or anywhere else. It is like the creative process itself. So you might say, if you can't look to someone else to do your creating for you, then why should you look to others for permission to create?

Spirited Woman Q & A

Interview with Marlow Wyatt, Founder of The Girl Blue Project

By Nancy Mills

Spirited Woman InterviewsQ. What is the underlying concept The Girl Blue Project teaches to young girls?

A. We teach them self-worth. We combine it with the performing arts and community service where they are trained by KorehLA to actually tutor elementary kids once a week. Also, self-awareness is three-fourths of the program so they have a life coach. We do a lot of work books on body image and family and their connections. A lot of them have issues with men because they don't have fathers in their lives. We work with them really where they are. Each group seems to have its own personality, so each group of girls is dealt with on an individual basis — that's why we don't take more than 20 per session.

Guided Imagery

Play: Jellybeans for Breakfast

By Molly Childers & Chris Dunmire

playThe importance of play is tantamount to learning for children — but what role does play have in an adult life? Feeling stuck? Muses on strike? Doldrums got you down? This guided meditation will reconnect with your inner child when you're feeling stuck as you enter the Forest of the Lost.

Creative Projects

4 Whimsical Rock Painting Tutorials

By Ernestina Gallina

Rock PaintingThis engaging series of rock painting tutorials will teach you how to transform smooth river stones into unique works of art. Once you understand the fundamentals of rock painting, you can use your imagination to design your own creations with endless possibilities! Step by step rock painting lessons include: Cute Love Bugs, Basket of Pansies, Messages and Quotes Written in Stone, and Painted Desert Cactus in Flower Planter.